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Friendship & Pet Peeves…….(My Personal List)

Randomly reflecting on friendships today and thought I would express my frustration/pet peeves that I have experienced throughout the years within my owner personal friendship. I’m sure you have experienced some or all of these before and I thought I would amuse my readers with this list. The irony is, I do believe at one point or another in my life, I probably have been some form of all these friends……. well except #1, lol.

  1. “The Liar”. This friend tends to lie about everything including the small stuff. However, because they talk “so much” they usually end up telling on themselves later on in the conversation anyways, thus exposing their several lies. Being the person that I am, to avoid conflict, I usually will not say anything to these people or bring any light to their lies. However, they always lose creditability.
  2. “The Toxic Friend”. Toxic friends are the ones who drain you in every way imaginable. Needless to say, this friendship is usually one-sided. (See Also Friend #3 below). The friendship gets so bad that you start avoiding their 3am phone calls about their failed relationships and miserable lives. Basically, they call and you are scared to pick up the phone. However, when you really expose the fact that they have a problem and need help, they act as if you are the worst friend in the world.
  3. “The Unsupportive Friend”. I’ve been to most of your parties, I send you a Christmas card every year, and I even genuinely ask you about your life every time we talk. However, when it comes to my personal endeavors and achievements you neither have any interest nor do you support any of my goals.
  4. “The King Tut Friend”. Just because they do not like someone who you hang with etc, they make sure you know at every single opportunity that they don’t like that person. It’s as if their personal opinion reigns supreme, even over yours. However, I will offer a solution to this pet peeve, “Just don’t talk to your friend about them”. If your friend still has something to say, then you know you have to let this friend go.
  5. “King Tut II”. Every place you suggest to go is “beneath them” or the place is not “cool enough”. While I do respect people and their circles/reputations, I have to question the fact that, if I’m the one that is trying to figure out our Friday night plans, then your “social network” must not be that strong as you thought it was. So therefore, don’t complain about my decisions.
  6. The Unsolicited Advisor”.  This is the friend who at every opportunity feels the need to give advice that is unsolicited. They constantly can discuss all the bad decisions you have made in your life, but never once are able to view themselves in the same light. You really want to tell them to “shut the hell up and listen” but if you ever did, they would be offended and probably blow up at you.
  7. “The Scrutinizer”. Every dream and every plan you have in your life, down to the outfit you plan to wear on Saturday, they feel the need to expose every flaw in that plan. I am very realistic and I understand that if your friend has a “really bad plan” maybe you should let them know before the world does. However, not every decision and plan in my life warrants an evaluation by you.
  8. “The Never Happy For You Friend”. This is by far, is my biggest pet peeve of all time. Getting a compliment from this friend is like pulling teeth. For example, I was just recently offered a new job and of course, I was extremely excited about it. Most of my friends were very happy for me as well. However, there were a few who were like, “oh that’s great”……………………..

Just a Thought…….

The Buppie Foodie

Ash Renee, Founder and Editor in Chief of The Buppie Foodie, is a practicing real estate attorney & broker in NYC. Ash loves exploring the NYC restaurant and social scene. When Ash is not practicing law or writing on her blog, she can be found immersed in a good book

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  1. I’ve had and have friends like that. Luckily I move quickly and they are never able to hang on for long.

    My one hope is that I have never been that type of friend.

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