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Are You Giving Enough?

Give, and it shall be given unto you. (Luke 6:38)

One of my New Year Resolutions is to give more. In fact, I plan to donate to one charity per week; to get in the habit of giving. I find it very interesting and ironic that most of us complain about what we do not have or what is missing in our life, but we fail to give anything to the world. I read a version of this idea in “The Power” which the first book that I am reading for the New Year. The overarching point is that you receive what you “give” to the universe. I bet, if we all took an honest assessment of ourselves, we would find that we do not give nearly as much as we should. I used to tell a friend of mines, “I’ve never met someone who wanted so much yet gave so little”. Upon reflection, I realize that I probably should be taking my own advice.

What have I been giving to the universe? I do not give as much as I should, I do not donate as much as I should, and I do not even offer as many kind words as I should. So how can I expect all these wonderful things to come back to me if I do not even attempt to give them?  Going into the New Year, I unfortunately experienced the feeling of not having support. One of the worse feelings in the world is to feel like you have to explain your goals and aspirations to your friends. We should do all our loved ones a favor and just “give” support.  However, now I understand that I have to “give” support in order to receive it.

This year I encourage everyone to give more! Find both free and financial ways that you can give more to this universe and the people who you love. I am confident that the simple act of giving more will bring happiness and joy into your life.

Just A Thought……..

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