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BeFunky_20140711_123707(1)[1].jpgWasabi Sushi & Bento is a newer fast casual Japanese restaurant in the Times Square area. I had to try this place when they opened down the street from my office because there is a lack of quality sushi around me. For Wasabi, this is their first location in the US.  Judging by the crazy rush of people during lunch hours, (stay away if you can) I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a hit! I expect more locations to be opening soon.

So ok, I know that there is nothing very extravagant about a grab and go restaurant, however I think the concept is very cool for sushi. You don’t have to commit to a prepackaged sushi set (even though they have it), you can literally come up with infinite combinations of what you want to eat. (see below).


Even with my infinite choices, I’m a simple girl so a couple of salmon rolls, spicy tuna rolls, and a fun option and I’m good to go.


Their chicken teriyaki is also an excellent choice and seasoned very well;  a great alternative if you are not in the mood for sushi.

Overall, Wasabi is clean, fast, reasonably priced with very tasty food. If you are in the Times Square area and need a quick bite, Wasabi is a no brainer!

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