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My New Dating Deal Breakers


I have recently been dating around and I must say the dating scene is nothing like I left it almost two years ago. In fact, I actually think it has gotten worse. These men are crazy and clearly have no intentions on actually courting a lady. On the other hand, you have some men that actually want to date and have a relationship but because these other women have set their standards so low, they have been trained not to try. They somehow think that a relationship will come to them and they won’t have to work at it…… but I digress.  During the last couple of weeks I have come up with these  three dating deal breakers (I’m sure I will add more).’ These are the recent things that will get me running from you faster than a speed of lighting.

1. Your Own Place!

I apologize if this seems harsh but you need to have your own place. It’s  weird for you not to have your own and I have mine. Now I will make some exceptions to this rule but only in unique circumstances. However, generally speaking, not having your own place is the fastest way to send me running. It signals lack of responsibility and may be a sign of immaturity. Men should be able to stand on their own two feet. Additionally,  we don’t have a future anytime soon because I would like for you have lived on your own before making any transition with me. I have learned from recent experience, let the momma’s boy stay his ass at home!!!!!!

2. Hobbies

Seriously, do people do anything with their lives these days? I have met the most boring, uninteresting men that NYC has to offer. If you don’t have anything to talk about,perhaps a new book you have read, or a new restaurant you have tried then I’m pretty much done talking to you. I am seriously interested in getting to know more about you. However, if you don’t do anything with your life then that’s also a sign that there is nothing to know more of. I’m running away as we speak.

3. At least One, Just One, Decent Friend

I live by the saying, “show me your friends, and I will show you who you are”. If all your friends are pigs, don’t have professional jobs, blah blah blah, how could you expect me to believe that you are any different from the men you spend the most time around?  I need to know that you have one solid friend that has your best interest at heart. It’s nothing like having a group of bachelor immature friends that don’t aspire for serious relationships in their lives. The end result is that they talk you out of anything serious and convince you that being a loser like them is fun.  C’mon son, aren’t we  getting too old for this? (Excuse my distorted english) Conclusion: you need a good friend with a good head on his shoulder. If not, this shows lack of guidance and I don’t have time to “guide” you. My shoelaces are tied and I am running.

Wish me luck in this horrible dating scene….lol! 

Just A Thought……

The Buppie Foodie

Ash Renee, Founder and Editor in Chief of The Buppie Foodie, is a practicing real estate attorney & broker in NYC. Ash loves exploring the NYC restaurant and social scene. When Ash is not practicing law or writing on her blog, she can be found immersed in a good book

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