Korean Fried Chicken: K-Town Chicken and Hof (Koreatown)


My quest to find the Best Korean Fried Chicken in NYC has continued. This time, I found myself tucked away in a large basement within Koreatown (BKA “K-Town) at a place called K Town Chicken & Hof. It was Happy Hour, so with a $6 minimum, I ordered and received nine large pieces of chicken smothered in their spicy sauce. (Delicious) The chicken was fresh, crispy, delicious, and well dressed in the spicy sauce. I also ordered the Korean Spicy Soup, which was very spicy, flavorful, and full of firm noodles. The negative part of this experience was that the service was slow and inattentive.

Overall, the happy hour wings are a good deal and worth a try if you are in the area, especially late night as they are open 24 hours. I observed other happy hours specials on the beers and soju cocktails, which looked tasty. Nevertheless, I didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t take any of the wings home and coupled with slow service, I wasn’t the happiest customer when I left.
K Town vs. Bon Chon
I still think Bon Chon chicken is better, mainly because the flavor was a little better and the wings are greaseless. Although, I will concede that the chicken at Bon Chon is noticeably smaller than at K-Town, however, overall, I think the quality is better at Bon Chon.
My exploration for the Best Korean Fried Chicken in NYC continues…….. Stay tuned!

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