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20140731_1306111-640x480This is another one of those restaurants right around from my job and I indulge when I’m in the mood to be fat.  I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest lover of chicken. However, BonChon Chicken is some of the best fried chicken I have tasted in New York. No, it’s not like traditional southern fried chicken, nor is it trying to be might I add. It is just some really good Korean Chicken. Although the chicken is indeed the main attraction, you can find other Korean dishes made with beef and seafood on the menu. Since I usually go there for lunch, I find their lunch special to be a good economical (under $10) option for the area. The lunch special comes with your choice of chicken, sauce, and a side. I usually go for the half-and-half sauce on my chicken which is 1/2 soy garlic sauce 1/2 and hot sauce.

The chicken is cooked to order, always fresh and has a crunchy, crispy batter that is almost greaseless. The down side……… there is an insane amount of calories, per piece. I literally blew over 700 calories of my so-called diet on a few pieces of chicken and couldn’t eat anything else but lettuce and carrots for the rest of the day. Nevertheless, it was worth it! This place is a great option for good friend chicken in NYC.

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