Dungan Cuisine at Lagman House (Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn)

Last month, I was invited for a complimentary lunch at Lagman House, which just opened this May, in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn. Lagman House may very well be the first restaurant in NYC to feature Dungan cuisine, so of course, as a foodie, I was very excited to give the restaurant a try.

“Dungan” is a term used across the former Soviet Union to refer to a group of Muslim people of Chinese origin. Ali, the owner of Lagman House, operates this family run business, with his mom, Chef Gulshat, serving up the delicious food. “50 shades of tan” is the best way to describe the bare bones design, but once the menu is placed on the table, the magic is far from the atmosphere. Overall, the homey space is perfect for a laid-back, delicious lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

Immediately, upon entering the restaurant and getting a whiff of the aromas coming from the kitchen, my dining partner and I couldn’t wait to eat. The menu is filled with various beef, noodle, and pastry options.  Scroll through below, to see what we tried:

Beef Tripe Soup – (bean noodles with beef, tripe, vegetables, and soy sauce) Before trying this soup, I had never had Cow stomach. Surprisingly, the soup was fantastic and very flavorful. My dining partner, who is Haitian and frequently eats Tripe, approved of this dish.

Eggplant Gravy– (Fried eggplant with beef, peppers, onion, tomatoes, and garlic). Another tasty dish, with a thick and rich gravy. If you’re an eggplant lover, (like me), you won’t be disappointed.

Classic Lamian  – (noodles topped with fried beef and vegetables). The hand-pulled noodles, called “lagman” or “lamian”, are deliciously chewy and doughy and are hands down, the star of this dish!!

Braised Meat – (marinated fried meat with onions and peppers served on a hot plate) This dish came out sizzling like a fajita. This is what I would consider a “safe” option for a picky diner and it is more of an American Chinese style dish.

Justai Hezi – (fried dough stuffed with chives and beef). An interesting dish, although tasty, the chives flavor was a bit overwhelming for me.

Overall, I really enjoyed my lunch at Lagman House, I thought the food was flavorful. Surprisingly, I didn’t leave with a “carb hangover” and overall, I felt the food was actually on the healthier side.  Therefore, if you enjoy trying new cuisines,  I encourage you to head on over and try out this new hot spot. And, don’t forget to tell them that the Buppie Foodie sent you!

Lagman House 

Address: 2612 E 14th St, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Neighborhood: Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn,
Cuisine: Chinese (Dungan)
Cost: $ (inexpensive)
Must Try: Lagman noodles, Braised Meat, Beef Tripe Soup
Overall Rating: A-


Lagman House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

*Please note that while my meal was complimentary, the opinions expressed herein are 100% my own.

Ash Renee

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