One Simple Mental Shift You Can Make Today to Fuel Your Business Growth + Daytime Derby 6 Looks @ Mosholu Golf Course (Bronx, New York)

A year ago, I was in a much different place than I am today… I was mentally and physically recovering from a health scare; I was in an unhealthy relationship, and I was just overall frustrated… so what changed??? My mindset changed; I decided to be happy, and “do me.” Stated differently I decided to be “authentic” So many of us think we have to live life a certain way , or act this way because we are (insert age) years old, or because we are (insert profession, insert life role) but my Monday morning advice to everyone is to say F that!!! I dare you to just be yourself and see what happens. During this journey of being “authentic,” I’ve noticed an increase in every area of my life, including my brands.

My theory is that clients and/or consumers like to follow and hire AUTHENTIC people. Trust me, you are not fooling anyone when you’re trying to be anyone other than your true self. (Trust me….we see you) lol this is me… the most complicated, emotional, Chicago defending, Drake loving, Starbucks drinking, trap music listening, goal-oriented, cardigan-wearing, Louboutin-wearing, Chicago Bears superfan, sushi-eating, praying woman of God.

Happy Monday

Ashley Renee

Ash Renee

Ash Renee, is an NYC Real Estate/Business Lawyer, Consultant, and Blogger. A New York transplant for the last 10 years, Ash loves exploring the NYC restaurants, fashion, and the black professional social scene. Ash was born and raised in Chicago.

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