5 Takeaways from the 2016 EVOO Event Series featuring Farchioni


On June 22, 2016, in New York City, the Italian government & FLAVOR YOUR LIFE** presented their 2016 EVOO Event Series featuring Farchioni. I had the opportunity to attend this event and learn some interesting information regarding tasting and cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It was indeed a wonderful and informative event.



Spearheaded by Chef Andrea Tiberi, and  Farchioni, the tasty menu included:

  IMG_7386 (1)

Farro & lentils salad with crunchy vegetables


Mastri Birrai Umbri Beer (very delicious and smooth beer, similar to Blue Moon)


Torta al teso – Bruschetta with EVOO, Umbrian flatbread, prosciutto & caciotta cheese

IMG_7394 (1)

Chitarrini Campofilone pasta with Umbrian truffle sauce & Pecorino cheese


Panna Cotta with vanilla caramel

 Here are my five takeaways from the seminar

#1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil should be used within 1-2 months after purchase for optimal flavors.


#2 Extra Virgin Olive Oil  should be stored away from light and heat. It’s perfectly fine to store EVOO in the refrigerator. It may turn cloudy but it will return to normal once at room temperature.



#3 If you put Extra Virgin Olive Oil in refrigerator and it doesn’t become cloudy or gel, it may be fake. Although this is not a 100% accurate test, the refrigerator test is an easy way to test the authenticity of EVOO. Alternatively, use a reliable brand such as Farchioni to ensure that you are cooking with authentic EVOO.



#4 When cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil be mindful that it has a low smoke point of 320°F- 380°F. Also keep in mind that key nutrients are lost when cooking with EVOO. Nevertheless, even with the nutrients that may be lost when cooking with EVOO, it is still a far better choice than cooking with unhealthy vegetable oils.



#5 Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good for your health and body. EVOO improve circulation throughout your entire body, which has numerous health benefits, including improvements with your sex life. EVOO is also a “healthy fat” and is staple in diets such as the Mediterranean and the LCHF diet.


**Flavor Your Life is a campaign funded by The European Union and a consortium of European olive oil growers. The program aims to educate consumers on the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Europe, including: Taste, Health, Functionality, Heritage, and Quality.

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