Travel Tuesday: “Million Miles To Roam” Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Planning the Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon

The Caribbean is one of the most popular honeymoon spots for young newlyweds, who are looking to escape to warmer climate. However, planning a vacation let alone your honeymoon, can be a nerve wrecking experience, especially when you throw in all the other stressful elements that inevitably comes along with planning your wedding day.

So when I needed expert advice on planning a Caribbean honeymoon for the Black Nuptials site, I reached out to my friend Tammy, founder and Chief Experience Creator at Million Miles to Roam to get all the “insider” tips on booking a Caribbean Honeymoon.

Check out our Q&A with Tammy below. 

Q: So tell our Black Nuptials readers a little bit about Million Miles to Roam.

A: Million Miles To Roam is a full service travel agency. Full service means working with a potential client to find out what they really want out of the vacation, troubleshooting if there are problems while on vacation, and providing any service needed after the vacation. My title is the Chief Experience Creator because it’s not only about staying at a resort or going on a cruise, it’s about finding a unique experience.


Q: Sounds amazing! What motivated you to start your company?

A: I started Million Miles To Roam a few years ago primarily out of a love for travel. I want to see every country and it was frustrating at times going through a million websites to find a good deal. It wasn’t until I worked with a travel agent that I experienced how much more relaxed I felt about my upcoming vacation. I decided to start my own travel agency to provide vacations that went beyond just staying at a resort, I develop personalized plans for my clients based on their needs, wants, and vision.


Q: How does the deposit work? Do you offer payment plans?

A: I charge a planning fee which takes into account the complexity of the couple’s wishes. That fee is nonrefundable but usually starts at $100 per couple. In addition there is a deposit on the vacation package and a typical package includes air, hotel/cruise, and activities would run anywhere between no deposit to up to $1000 per person. I do offer a payment plan but that will only be for vacation packages with travel dates at least 2 months into the future.


Q: Since many couples want to visit the Caribbean for their honeymoon, tell us what are the hottest islands to visit in the Caribbean this year?

A: Two of the hottest islands still are Jamaica and Dominican Republic. They are still the leaders in all inclusive resort options. My favorites include Puerto Rico, Antigua, Turks and Caicos and one non-island pick Mexico.


Q: What is the price range for an average honeymoon stay in the Caribbean?

A: Price range will vary depending on when the clients want to travel. My advice is to avoid winter (between late November to right before Easter). For a week long honeymoon, at an all inclusive adults only resort in the low or shoulder season, budget between 800-1000 per person on the low end – sky is the limit on the upper end. Whatever your vision is for your honeymoon we can probably find but it may come with a price tag.


Q: I’m a foodie, so I have to ask……. what’s the best Caribbean Island for foodies?

A: Jamaica tends to stay authentic with the cuisine, others include resorts in the Bahamas, and certain resort chains are known for their amazing food. Some chains that come to mind are the Karisma chain in DR and Mexico.

Q: Which island would you recommend for a budget conscious couple?

A: I would recommend a Dominican Republic or Jamaica as an all inclusive pick and Puerto Rico as a non all inclusive pick.

DR and Jamaica provide a lot of resort options and are relatively inexpensive compared to other islands to get to. Puerto Rico also have a lot of options and areas. If you want to stay in the city and have a lot of nightlife, San Juan is the place to be, if you want more quiet and romance, points out west or Vieques I would recommend.


Q: What is the best time of year to visit the Caribbean?

A: Generally the best time of year is after Easter to late October, unfortunately that is also the time when you might have weather issues.


Q: For couples who have no preference, would you recommend a Caribbean Cruise? Why or Why Not?

A: I would definitely recommend a cruise, it’s all about picking the right ship and itinerary for the couple. With a beverage package it provides an all inclusive option to staying in one place. The couple would be able to visit different islands on one trip which may work for the couple.


Q: How far in advance, should a couple contact you to plan/book their honeymoon?

A: Book as far in advance as you can (6 months to a year is my recommendation).You will have the best selection of rooms and if you are looking for something very particular such as an over the water villa, there are limited quantities and are reserved quickly.


Q: What is the most important piece of advice you have for honeymooners?

A: My most important piece of advice for honeymooners is to speak and work with someone that is able to show you all the options. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions and also to provide detailed answers to questions asked by your agent. I provide a free 1 hour consultation for the sole purpose of sharing information. I encourage questions because the more I know the better I can create an excellent experience.

Also don’t be afraid to think outside the box, a Honeymoon is not just an island adventure, it can be a tour through the French wine country or visiting Cinque Terre in Italy, the sky is the limit.

I also specialize in adventure/active honeymoons for example African Safari, expedition to the Galapagos Islands, or Ziplining and hiking in Costa Rica. I also specialize in honeymoon cruises especially river cruises which are a emerging hot honeymoon option. We have domestic cruise options and river cruise options in France, Vietnam, Germany, etc.

Do you have additional questions about planning your dream honeymoon? Contact Million Miles To Roam to start planning your honeymoon and/or vacation today!

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