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I finally had the opportunity to review Suede NYC, a modern Caribbean cocktail lounge, bar and restaurant located in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, to sample their brunch menu. It’s refreshing to see that Footprints (located just 500 feet away from Suede) now has some competition in the area. The East Flatbush neighborhood is truly lacking in nice restaurants, so hopefully with the addition and success of this newcomer, Suede, this will encourage more restaurants to develop in this part of Brooklyn.

The décor is very modern and unexpectedly upscale. Unfortunately, Suede is located right next to a tire shop, so a first time visitor probably is not expecting the restaurant to be “nice”. However, to my surprise, the décor doesn’t disappoint and the ambiance is sexy, modern and trendy. The music was fantastic, (I was swaying from side to side during my entire meal) yet the music was played at a decent volume that I and my dinning partner were able to have quality conversation.

The Crowd: A young black professional “Brooklynish” Crowd. The crowd is trendy and well-dressed.

The Food: Everything was fresh, delicious and well-seasoned. The brunch menu is well-developed and features a modern and tasty twist on the standard Caribbean brunch.


First, I and my dining partner shared the Coconut French Toast. Four deliciously soaked hard dough pieces of bread served hot and perfectly fried with a slightly crispy crust and pleasantly chewy inside; flavored & garnished with ample shredded coconut shavings also served with a side of sweet syrup. (Simply delicious)

We also tried the Suede Breakfast which was a classic Caribbean breakfast; Ackee & Saltfish, Festival, Boiled Banana and Callaloo. This entrée was also delicious and well-seasoned. My only complaint was that I wished they had found a way to make the presentation look more appetizing and modern.


The last entrée we tried was the Chicken and Waffles.  You should know by now, (if you follow my post) that I’m simply a chicken and waffles fanatic. Well Suede’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Homemade Waffles with Rum-soaked Raises were simply delicious.


The sauce, which I presume was a rum raisin flavored caramel sauce, was simply fantastic and really complimented the Chicken and Waffles. I literally was dipping my fingers in the sauce, long after my meal was finished.

Overall, the service was friendly, and very attentive. The food took a little bit longer than expected; but beside that little annoyance, we thought the service was very good.

I can’t wait to try Suede NYC for dinner or happy hour (which is everyday from 4 pm – 7 pm 25% off drinks). However, just a warning, I’ve heard that if you don’t have reservations for Friday or Saturday night dinner, you more than likely will be unable to get a table. However, the Sunday Brunch is walk-ins only!

If you are still looking for more Chicken and Waffle Options besides Suede NYC, try Sweet Chicks in Brooklyn or Amy Ruth’s in Harlem.


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