Legal Tidbit: Over 18? Get a Power of Attorney

Maybe it’s the lawyer coming out in me but today, I thought I should give you all a legal tidbit to start your day. It truly saddens me how many of us young professionals, (me included) don’t have a power of attorney to handle our health, legal and financial affairs in the event that something happens to us. If you don’t know by now, Bobbi Kristina has been unconscious since around January 31, 2015.  I’m assuming since things are not looking up for Bobbi Kristina; her father, Bobby Brown, is now trying to sort through the legal affairs for his daughter. As such, Bobby Brown has filed for guardianship over Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate, according to WXIA. If granted, this would give Bobby Brown control of Bobbi Kristina’s financials.

What is a Power of Attorney?

The short answer: a power of attorney (POA) is a legal document where you can appoint a person to manage your affairs if you can’t. There are even certain instances where people appoint organizations to handle their affairs. There are also different levels to POA’s and each type of POA gives the decision maker a certain type/level of control. Therefore, I think it’s very important that you discuss having a POA with your lawyer ASAP. Even though I believe everyone over the age of 18 should have a POA; this is especially true if you are a single parent, going through divorce, have a business etc.

I have officially put this on my “to do” list for the week. I’m hoping you consider doing the same.


Ash Renee

Ash Renee, is an NYC Real Estate/Business Lawyer, Consultant, and Blogger. A New York transplant for the last 10 years, Ash loves exploring the NYC restaurants, fashion, and the black professional social scene. Ash was born and raised in Chicago.

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