Easy Spicy Shrimp Tacos

IMG_3808[1]Here is what happens when you have left over shrimp and grits and you don’t want anymore grits.

Salsa (If you have left over Shrimp and Grits gravy)
Left over gravy from shrimp and grits
½ cup of chopped cherry tomatoes
Chopped onions (to your preference)
¼ cup corn

Taco-Trader Joes Low Carb Whole Wheat Tortillas
At least 3 Three shrimp per Tortilla
Mixed Greens

How I did it:
The Salsa: I took the chopped tomatoes, onions,corn and mixed them in a small side dish. I heated the left over gravy and shrimp in a small pot on the stove. Once heated, I spooned the gravy into the salsa dish until I reached my desired consistency for the salsa. I put the salsa to the side to chill.

Tacos: I heated two tortillas in a pan. Once browned, I filled the tortillas with mixed greens, a few tomatoes from the salsa, and the shrimp.

Optional Toppings:  cheddar cheese  (left over from the shrimp and grits). sour cream or Greek yogurt.


Ash Renee

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