Buttermilk Channel (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn)

IMG_6250Review of Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn:

I’ve heard so much about Buttermilk Channel. Therefore, it has been on my list of brunch spots to try for a while now. Specifically, I’ve heard a lot about Buttermilk Channel’s Chicken and Waffles. Since I’m sort of a Chicken and Waffles fanatic, it was only fitting that I try Buttermilk Channel.

My dining partner and I arrived at Buttermilk Channel around noon on a Sunday, hoping that the wait for a table wouldn’t be too long. Unfortunately the restaurant was already packed with young professionals and young families. However, not all was lost; we were able to snag a seat at the bar within five minutes.

The Service: The bartenders warmly greeted and welcomed us to the restaurant immediately. They were very attentive by constantly checking in with us and ensuring that we were satisfied. Truthfully, I felt like we may have received better service at the bar than if we were seated at a table.

The Food: At first glance of the brunch menu, I was highly upset that I didn’t see chicken and waffles listed. Since I wasn’t in the mood to ask questions, I just wiped my tears and ordered the next best thing that jumped out at me; fried pork chop with cheddar waffles. The large piece of fried pork chop was perfectly crunchy, covered in a thick batter yet it was under seasoned. However, the deliciously flavored cheddar waffles compensated for the flavorless pork chop.


My dining partner ordered the Short Ribs Hash. The short ribs were juicy and well-seasoned. However, we both felt that the meal was missing some home fries. It other words, it was bit too healthy for my liking.



Our meal was highlighted by the banana walnut sticky bun. I honestly could go back to Buttermilk Channel just for this alone. (delicious, fresh, baked perfectly, not overly sweet)

Overall, Buttermilk Channel was a solid brunch option; however, it wasn’t really what I was expecting. Maybe I’ll get to try the famous chicken and waffles if I get a chance to re-visit.

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