Business News for Small Business Owners: Week of 4/20/15

Business News for Small Business Owners and Micro-entrepreneurs:

This is my weekly wrap-up of the relevant business news that I believe is relevant to micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses owners. I try to give a quick point as to why micro-entrepreneurs and/or small business owners should care about these recent developments. I update these on a rolling basis!

4/21/15 – Mobile Friendly Website. Google is adjusting its algorithm that will ultimately increase the rankings for mobile friendly websites.

Why should the micro-entrepreneur/small business owner care? Without getting all nerdy on you, I’ll say this in layman’s term.  If you want to increase and/or keep your current rankings in Google, your small business website must be mobile friendly. Google will now be giving ranking preference to those sites. Therefore, if your business website is not mobile friendly, you will be losing your rankings in Google. Call you IT person now because no small business can afford to lose its Google rankings. Read More Information here.

4/22/15 – Say Hi To Fi!  Goggle is taking over everything! Today, Google is wearing another hat in the business world by becoming a mobile carrier.

Why should the micro-entrepreneur/small business owner care? This may save you some big money on your business mobile plan. The Fi plan starts at only $20 per month with an additional $10 for each GB of data you use. The best part is that you will get refunded for any unused date. Read more information here.

4/22/15 – YouTube Celebrities Make Money. Came across this article about how much YouTube Celebrities Make. I think you should read it here.

Why should the micro-entrepreneur/small business owner care? Ok, I understand that you may not be planning to be the next “YouTube star” anytime soon. However, if you have a business website, you should probably consider stepping your YouTube game up, by adding a few videos of your own. As evidenced by this article, YouTube videos attract followers and potential customers.

4/23/15 – Plan to Build Business Credit. I don’t care how small your business is; if you are legitimately trying to build a business (i.e. make money), then you need to have a plan to build credit in your company’s name. Check out this article for some practical tips on how to get started.

Ash Renee

Ash Renee, is an NYC Real Estate/Business Lawyer, Consultant, and Blogger. A New York transplant for the last 10 years, Ash loves exploring the NYC restaurants, fashion, and the black professional social scene. Ash was born and raised in Chicago.

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