The 3rd annual Harlem EatUp! Festival is a four-day festival offering an exciting sampling of Harlem’s sights, flavors and sounds, from artists of the kitchen, canvas, stage and streets. Enjoy “Dine In Harlem:, Eat Up’s signature one-night-only multi-room dinner party experience, featuring Harlem’s hottest restaurants and chefs hosting some of the biggest national culinary stars in their kitchens. Get your eat on as you spend the day Uptown at The Harlem Stroll, where food, art and culture will converge all in the backdrop of one of the neighborhood’s most beautiful parks. Watch Harlem and national top chef cooking demos on the EatUp! Main Stage. It’s a celebration of culture and good eats you won’t want to miss!


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Who: Marcus Samuelsson

What: Ethiopian-born, Swedish-raised chef and restaurateur with restaurants in Harlem, NY

Where: Harlem, NY

How Much: Most entrees average under $35

Why:  If you hang out in Harlem, you’ve probably already been to Red Rooster, which is a creation by chef and restaurateur, Marcus Samuelsson. To my excitement, Samuelsson has just blessed Harlem with a new restaurant named, Streetbird Rotisserie, a rotisserie chicken restaurant (yes, serving only chicken), which has its roots in street food from around the world, inspired by Harlem Americana. (I can’t wait to try). If you haven’t been to either of Samuelsson’s Harlem restaurants, I recommend going there sometime in the near future for some delicious food!

For more information about Marcus Samuelsson, check out his personal blog, where you can even search some of his delicious recipes to try at home.