One of my favorite brunch combinations happens to be Chicken & Waffles. It is my theory that if a restaurant pays homage to this southern brunch favorite, then other deliciousness is sure to follow. Can you just smell the Mac & Cheese, Homemade Biscuits and Cheesy Grits? Scroll through to find the best Chicken & Waffles in NYC.

(Last Updated April 17, 2017)


Hey guys! August 1st officially marked my 7 year anniversary of living in NYC! (time flies) Check out my top 7 restaurants that I’ve grown to love during my first 7 years in NYC!

1. Asia De Cuba (Noho)

Asia De Cuba and I met over 7 years when I was a newbie to NYC. Around 2011, they closed and I was devastated because Asia De Cuba was by far my favorite restaurant in NYC. However, guess what? Asia de Cuba is BACK and I’m still in love!

2. Pio Pio (Various Locations)

The prices are very affordable at Pio Pio, making it my “go-to” restaurant when I was in law school. Pio Pio is also my “go-to” restaurant when I have out of town guests, because really, who doesn’t like Peruvian chicken? Read more about Pio Pio here.

3. Yuca Bar (East Village)

I discovered Yuca Bar in the East Village approximately three years ago, while dining with a friend.  I absolutely love the food and it’s probably my second favorite restaurant in NYC. Read More about Yuca Bar here.

4. Melba’s (Harlem)

Famously know for their Southern Fried Chicken and Egg Nog Waffles, Melba’s is comfort food done good in Harlem. This lovely bistro in Harlem is extremely affordable, offers generous portions and good service. Read More about Melba’s here.

5. Sweet Chick (Williamsburg)

This by far is my favorite place in NYC to get Chicken and Waffles. There bacon cheddar waffle is to die for! Read more about my love for Sweet Chicks here.

6. Dos Caminos (Various Locations)

This is my go-to spot for guacamole and margaritas. Read more about Dos Caminos here.

7. Sugar Freak (Astoira)

I Love New Orleans, so of course a restaurant inspired by New Orleans Style cuisine was destined to make my list. Check out my review of Sugar Freak here.