"The Buppie Foodie"

 I absolutely enjoy making Jerk Recipes but after a long day at the office, I rarely have time to actually make Jerk Seasoning, especially since traditional Jerk Recipes take hours to make. If you’re in the same boat as me, check out these 5 Jerk Seasonings to use in your next Jerk Recipe for a fast and tasty meal. ( The WalkersWood brand is my favorite). You can even marinate your meat before heading off to work and by the time you get home, your food will be well-seasoned. Trust me, no one will know that you didn’t make your own seasoning. I’m actually not sure anyone will care, unless you’re Jamaican of course. (lol)

*bonus tip: I sometimes add one or two Goya Sazon Con Azafran, 1.4 oz and a little Garlic Power to the premixed Jerk Paste for a little extra flavor.

Jerk Seasoning never gets old especially if you’re a Caribbean/Jamaican/Spicy food lover. Nevertheless, Chicken is not the only thing you can Jerk to create a delicious, spicy meal. Check out these  5 “Jerk” recipes that will truly transform your life…. well at least your week.

*The Buppie Foodie Shortcut Tip: Use commercially prepared Jerk Seasoning Paste to save time.

Jerk Eggplant. Say hello to your new fave vegetarian jerk recipe. Simply set aside 30 minutes and create this tasty and healthy meal. [via Minimalist Baker]

Jamaican Jerk Fish Tacos.  This recipe uses Salmon, which already makes it different from every other Fish Taco you’ve probably made. Simply pair it with a pineapple salsa and you’re in for a delicious treat.  [via Half Baked Harvest]

Jerk Pulled Pork. The combination of tender Jerk Pulled Pork along side Sweet Corn Cakes is the perfect  sweet and savory combo. [via Pack Momma]

Jerk Shrimp. Seared plump & juicy shrimp marinated in a tasty jerk marinade is the perfect quick jerk meal. [via Curious Nut]

Jerk Meatballs. This may be the perfect spin on a classic party appetizer.  [via I Breathe I’m Hungry]