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This hip, Chelsea, 24 hours, restaurant should be on every New Yorker’s short list of quality restaurants that are open 24 hours! Additionally, Cafeteria’s trendy & chic Chelsea location, is perfect for people watching on 7th Avenue when the weather is warm. The comfort food at Cafeteria is amazing with the portions and prices being standard for New York dining. The brunch at Cafeteria is also popular on the weekends.

With that being said, this is the only place that I ever order “the Meatloaf”, because let’s be honest, how often do you go out to eat and order Meatloaf? Well, the Meatloaf at Cafeteria is pretty good; well-seasoned, ample portions and tasty. You also must try the “Mac Attack”, which is a trio of three Mac and Cheese bowls, Cheddar And Fontina, Smoked Gouda And Bacon  & Truffle Oil. The “Chicken and Waffles”  tops off my list of things to try at Cafeteria.

Overall, Cafeteria is the perfect place to go get food at 3 a.m. in NYC and an even better place to brunch on the weekends.


Cafeteria (Chelsea)

Address: 119 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

Cuisine: American

Must try: Meatloaf, Chicken & Waffles, Mac Attack

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Smoked Salmon BLT

The Shady Lady Review

There is nothing shady about having brunch at The Shady Lady in Astoria. Admittedly, I’ve walked past this restaurant several times and somehow wasn’t compelled to go in.  Then yesterday, I was searching for some Chicken and Waffles in Astoria and boom, The Shady Lady came up in my search!  Brunch at The Shady Lady is reasonable. Each person can eat for under $20 if they don’t opt for the boozy brunch..  As with any popular brunch spot, get there early because the restaurant gets packed after 12pm.

Chicken & Waffles

Chicken & Waffles with Sriracha sauce

Smoked Salmon BLT

Smoked Salmon BLT

Chicken Gone Wild

Chicken Gone Wild

The Food & Recommendations: Try the “Fried Chicken Gone Wile” (boneless fired chicken, bacon, cheddar, split biscuit, white sausage gravy) or the “Salmon BLT (hot smoked in-house, bacon, bib lettuce, tomatoes, dill mayo, 7 grain bread). The “Chicken and Waffles” with Sriracha is also worth a try.

The Booze @ Boozy Brunch: Strong brunch drinks won’t disappoint. The mimosa’s were delicious, estimated to be about 25% orange juice and 75% champagne(++++). The screwdriver was also delicious and strong. If you opt for the boozy brunch, you can get unlimited brunch drinks for an hour and a half for only $20 on Sundays. ($15 on Saturdays). You can order as many drinks as you want. And the best part about Brunch at The Shady Lady is that even if you don’t do the boozy brunch, one complimentary cocktail is included with your brunch entrée. The food was savory, fresh, flavorful and delicious. The fried chicken was grease-less and perfectly seasoned. As you can see above, the portion sizes are ample and you will definitely leave stuffed! The menu is also creative. On my next visit, I would love to try the Jack and Coke French Toast!

The Crowd: Typical mixed-type Astoria Crowd, given the small space, may be better for smaller brunch parties.

Dress Code:

ivanka trump bloomindales flats

Casual, trendy, no pumps needed

The Verdict: The food was amazing and bursting with flavors, the brunch drinks were strong and interchangeable. Overall, very delicious Boozy Brunch in Astoria.

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