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Jerk Seasoning never gets old especially if you’re a Caribbean/Jamaican/Spicy food lover. Nevertheless, Chicken is not the only thing you can Jerk to create a delicious, spicy meal. Check out these  5 “Jerk” recipes that will truly transform your life…. well at least your week. *The Buppie Foodie Shortcut Tip: Use commercially prepared Jerk Seasoning […]

Traditionally, when people think of fish tacos they head straight to mahi mahi, swaii or tilapia. And, while those combinations are delicious,  I challenge you to try making fish tacos with a few catfish fillets, you will love it! Catfish is traditionally a southern, African-American fish, which is typically fried. However, for these tacos, I used […]

  Happy Monday! I happen to be very fond of not only New Orleans but of course Shrimp and Grits.  If you haven’t visited New Orleans, I highly suggest that you add this wonderful city to your bucket list of US Cities to visit in the near future. For today’s Recipe Roundup, scroll through and check […]

I came across this recipe for Cedar Plank Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Chops and I thought I would try for yesterday’s Sunday dinner.  Well, unfortunately for me, after running around my town to find a Cedar Plank, I was out of luck. Nevertheless, I followed the recipe and just put the pork chops in the […]

  I was bored and decided to try the BuzzFeed One Pot Cajun Pasta Recipe, which turned out delicious!  My only variations to the recipe was that I used turkey andouille sausage from Whole Foods, I skipped the mushrooms and used two red peppers instead of one. I also discovered that I actually enjoyed the pasta […]