Brunch in Soho – Jane


There are so many places to try in the Soho area for brunch. So if you are looking to have brunch  in Soho, NYC I would recommend Jane.  I absolutely enjoy brunch at Jane every time I go. The ambiance is casual, fun, and trendy. The Chicken and Waffles are pretty darn good and the Mac and Cheese croquette,(my favorite) is delicious! (comes with the Steak and Eggs or you can order as a side).

If you happen to stop by Jane for dinner, then  I suggest the Cauliflower Flat bread as an appetizer, the Jane Burger, or the pot of mussels all of which are delicious options!

Overall, Jane is a trendy, American restaurant in the Soho area which always delivers great tasting food and awesome service. It gets pretty crowded on the weekends, so I strongly suggest reservations!

Bon Appetit!

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Cafeteria (Chelsea)



BeFunky_Chromatic_1.jpgCafeteria is the quintessential NYC diner, open 24/7! This place is a great option for an after work drink and tasty comfort food. The ambiance is casual and trendy! Although, the service on a busy Friday night could have been much better, our server gave it a good faith effort with a pleasant and accommodating attitude despite our attitude with her. The meal was highlighted by the Mac Attack which is a tasting of all three mac and cheese dishes.It was absolutely delicious and a “must try” if you go there.

BeFunky_OrtonStyle_1.jpg(Cheddar and Fontina, Smoked Gouda and Bacon 10, With Truffle Oil).


The meatloaf was pretty darn good as well and was perfect comfort food after a long week in the big apple!


This place is a solid, casual option for Chelsea on a late night food and drink run!

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Happy National Oyster Day NYC!!

befunky_img_24561 (550x411)

Since today is National Oyster Day, I think you should go get your Oyster on and celebrate! While I am no Oyster Connoisseur, I’ve had Oysters at these two places in Astoria and I suggest you give it a try!

MP Taverna
31-29 Ditmars Boulevard
$1 Oysters during Happy Hour!


34-21 34th Ave
They have $1 oysters as well!

Enjoy and Happy Oyster Day!

Good Fried Chicken in NYC- BonChon Chicken


This is another one of those restaurants right around from my job and I indulge when I’m in the mood to be fat.  I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest lover of chicken. However, BonChon Chicken is some of the best fried chicken I have tasted in New York. No, it’s not like traditional southern fried chicken, nor is it trying to be might I add. It is just some really good Korean Chicken. Although the chicken is indeed the main attraction, you can find other Korean dishes made with beef and seafood on the menu. Since I usually go there for lunch, I find their lunch special to be a good economical (under $10) option for the area. The lunch special comes with your choice of chicken, sauce, and a side. I usually go for the half-and-half sauce on my chicken which is 1/2 soy garlic sauce 1/2 and hot sauce.


The chicken is cooked to order, always fresh and has a crunchy, crispy batter that is almost greaseless. The down side……… there is an insane amount of calories, per piece. I literally blew over 700 calories of my so-called diet on a few pieces of chicken and couldn’t eat anything else but lettuce and carrots for the rest of the day. Nevertheless, it was worth it! This place is a great option for good friend chicken in NYC.

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Miss Lily’s Bake Shop & Melvin’s Juice Box (Soho)

befunky_116 (550x412)

BeFunky_114.jpgHanging out in the Soho area, from a full day of shopping, my friend and me were hungry and needed a quick bite. Luckily, fate led us to the perfect parking space right next to Miss Lily’s Bake Shop & Melvin’s Juice Box.


What we discovered besides some awesome fresh juices was in fact that best beef patty I have had in New York. Unfortunately, they were all out of the curry chicken patty or else we would have tried one of those as well. The beef patty was perfectly seasoned, with large chunks of shredded beef (versus that mashed up beef most places serve), and had a perfectly flaky crust. If you are in the area and in search of a little island flavor, go try this place. Even though, we did not have a chance to try the other dishes, looking around at the surrounding tables, the food looked spectacular!


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Corner Social (Harlem)


Corner Social is a Harlem bar and restaurant, great for watching sports, happy hour, and quick after work bites. We absolutely loved the crowd, which was pretty diverse during happy hour. While the menu offerings were very “typical for Harlem”, everything we ordered was very tasty and fresh.



The service was excellent and the bartender was on point despite the happy hour discounts! The meal was highlighted by the lobster macaroni and cheese and the potato salad that came with my crispy catfish wrap; the potato salad had a very southern and homemade taste.


The grilled hanger steak was of good quality, tasty, and tender, maybe a tad bit overpriced but still very good. If you are in the area and you want to avoid the Red Rooster crowd, go across the street and try this cool, relaxed Harlem spot.

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Wasabi Sushi & Bento (Times Square) – Review

chickenterriyaki (550x408)


BeFunky_20140711_123707(1)[1].jpgWasabi Sushi & Bento is a newer fast casual Japanese restaurant in the Times Square area. I had to try this place when they opened down the street from my office because there is a lack of quality sushi around me. For Wasabi, this is their first location in the US.  Judging by the crazy rush of people during lunch hours, (stay away if you can) I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a hit! I expect more locations to be opening soon.

So ok, I know that there is nothing very extravagant about a grab and go restaurant, however I think the concept is very cool for sushi. You don’t have to commit to a prepackaged sushi set (even though they have it), you can literally come up with infinite combinations of what you want to eat. (see below).


Even with my infinite choices, I’m a simple girl so a couple of salmon rolls, spicy tuna rolls, and a fun option and I’m good to go.


Their chicken teriyaki is also an excellent choice and seasoned very well;  a great alternative if you are not in the mood for sushi.

Overall, Wasabi is clean, fast, reasonably priced with very tasty food. If you are in the Times Square area and need a quick bite, Wasabi is a no brainer!

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Dos Caminos (Soho)


I have been visiting Dos Caminos for years! I have bounced back and forth between the Third Avenue and Soho location before finding my home at the Soho location. Despite being noticeably smaller than the Third Avenue location, the outside patio in the middle of Soho is the perfect ambiance for brunch. This leads me to my next point; I prefer brunch at Dos Caminos compared to lunch/dinner. However, if you are in the midtown area and need a vibrant place to have an after work drink, I highly recommend the Third Avenue location.  Overall, my food favorites at Dos Caminos include:

The Guacamole. Despite being at this restaurant over 15 times, I have never taken a picture of Guacamole. (silly food blogger).  Nevertheless, it is absolutely the best I’ve tried in NYC thus far and I think you should try it also. Next time when I visit, I will ensure that I take a picture!

Mexican City Street Corn

Mexican City Street Corn

Next, the Mexican corn is to die for!!!  Dos Caminos’ version of this Mexican favorite is served with butter, mayo, grated Cotija cheese, chili, and some lime wedges.  Try it and you will love it! It’s a side item priced at $5 and very well worth it.

Mexican French Toast

Mexican French Toast

As far as brunch dishes, you must try the Mexican French Toast, which is topped with some rum and roasted bananas. Need I say more?

Steak & Eggs

Steak & Eggs

I have also grown very fond of the steak and eggs, which is highlighted with some very tasty beans and hash browns.

Oaxacan-Style Shrimp Quesadilla

Oaxacan-Style Shrimp Quesadilla



Dos Enchiladas

If you’re going for lunch/dinner, I would stay away from the tacos as they are just boring options in my opinion. However, the Dos Enchiladas are delicious and the Shrimp Quesadilla, is an upscale fancy dish to give a try.


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Café Fleur De Lis (French Quarter) – Review

befunky_img_24351 (550x540)

The food is so good at this place, I had to blog about it twice! As I mentioned last year when I first reviewed this restaurant, I thought their shrimp and grits were to die for. This was my GO TO brunch restaurant. I’m very happy to announce that the shrimp and grits were just as I remembered.  The service was awesome and I will be going there again next year!

Go try this place!!!!

Daisy Dukes Restaurant (French Quarter) – Review

befunky_img_24621 (550x550) (2)

I had every intention of trying this restaurant for their $5 breakfast which I heard about from my friend. However, in pure late night desperation, we ended up stopping by at 1am to eat. Nothing too exciting about this place, kind of a late night diner feel. However,  I pride myself in finding the best in what every restaurant has to offer. With that being said…


I was daring. I tried the raw oysters. I must say they were very fresh and I have no complaints. Exceeded my diner expectations.

Next, I went for something outside the box and ordered some fried green tomatoes. I truly enjoyed this dish which was fried and seasoned to absolute perfection!! It reminded me of how I used to pick green tomatoes with my grandma, for her to fry up!

Basic choice if you are in the area. I did hear that the breakfast is a pretty good  and worth a try. Maybe I’ll try next time!

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