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The Buppie Foodie™ is a digital media food & lifestyle publication highlighting the latest trends in  restaurants, recipes, travel, food events and New York City living; curated for Black and urban professionals who enjoy adding a little “flavor” to their lives.


An attorney, entrepreneur and innovator, Ash Renee combines an accomplished track-record in New York City real estate coupled with her foodie ambitions to depict the best of New York City and Buppie living.

Born & raised in Chicago, Ash moved to New York in 2008. She obtained her Law Degree from Hofstra University as well as an MBA in Real Estate Finance from the Zarb School of Business, at Hofstra University.After working for several prominent Real Estate Development firms in NYC, Ash transitioned to working in her current position as a real estate litigation attorney.

To expand on her mission of creating digital lifestyle publications for Buppies, in 2016, Ashley founded Black Nuptials, a wedding and fashion blog for black brides & couples.

In her free time, Ashley loves exploring Manhattan. She is the proud Buppie, self-proclaimed foodie, shopping addict and lover of all things New York City. You can contact Ashley @


A note on our ethics policy: We will always credit products or bloggers whose ideas that we post. If anything lacks a credit, it was completely unintentional and will be corrected immediately upon notice. From time to time, The Buppie Foodie will feature products and post from companies that have paid for or offered their product for free in return for promotion on the site.  Accordingly, we will also always disclose this information.


The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not represent any of the organizations, agencies or private entities I am affiliated with.- Ash Renee, The Buppie Foodie™







  1. Awesome blog. I finally decided to complete my bachelor’s degree. I am presently studying for the LSAT. Did I mention that I’m 42 and married. I’m following you on twitter. I am @EG_Glenn

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